EBT Applications Service



EBT Applications Service

EBT Application Services offers the most innovative EBT SNAP, EMV Credit Card, Debt, ApplePay, Android Pay and Google Wallet processing machines in the industry.

For more help or information, call at (855) 378-9991.

EBT Applications Service

Businesses sell more with EBT Applications Service. We understand each and every merchant has different needs and providing them the best and latest technology has always been our number one goal.

We offer zero processing for all credit cards and efficient services to meet our merchants’ needs; whether the business is retail, restaurant, lodging, supermarket, gas stations, or e-commerce. EBT Applications Service offer merchants the opportunity to expand their customer base, increase revenue and enhanced efficiency of payment processing.

EBT Applications Service also helps merchants set-up with their EBT/SNAP permit application to accept EBT cash and food benefits.  Our mission is to provide the latest technology to our merchants allowing them to accept all forms of payment, anywhere. With more ways to get paid and tools to help you sell more, we offer a one stop shop for all your merchant service needs. 

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Start Accepting EBT SNAP Now!

For more information or to receive an EBT/SNAP Application, please contact our office at 1-(855) 378-9991.  Applications can be approved for accepting EBT SNAP cash benefits within 2 business days. All retailers will qualify to start accepting EBT SNAP cash benefits during the processing of your EBT Permit License application from the USDA.  SNAP Retailers must pay for their equipment and processing with a 3rd party processor.  EBT Applications Service is here to assist you with the process for your EBT SNAP FREE Equipment replacement program and continue processing EBT.  USDA EBT SNAP have partnered with major Credit Card processors to ensure continuous uninterrupted EBT SNAP processing and EBT Machine. 

Our agents will assist retailers with completing the EBT documents for EBT approval.

Get your Clover all-in-one POS SYSTEM

Clover is an innovative all- in-one payment and business solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that pairs beautifully designed counter top hardware with powerful and adaptable cloud based software.

Get approved to accept EBT Cash Benefits within 24 hours of submitting your EBT/SNAP Application today. An Agent will assist with your license to accept EBT payments in your business.
Call (855) 378-9991

Clover POS features

  • Apple Pay
  • Full featured point of sale system
  • Supports mag readers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, scales, printers, and more
  • Third party apps available through an easy to use app store
  • Manages inventory
  • Cash and Check sales
  • Discounts and tax tracking
  • Creates reports and detailed sales statistics
  • Employees access levels and more.
  •  The Clover POS System allows any merchant to run a full featured point of sale system on a custom android tablet at a fraction of the cost of traditional POS systems.
  • Clover POS System is easily programmable for a variety of retail businesses and restaurants and offers the ability to accept all normal credit and debit cards, EBT SNAP as well as EMV and NFC payments such as Apply Pay.
  • To keep startup costs down, EBT Applications Service is offering FREE to new and existing merchants the Clover POS System with full featured system including printer and cash drawer.
  • Clover is the perfect POS for small and medium sized retail locations and restaurants. It’s a fast alternative to many of the soon to be outdated and expensive POS systems out there. Get started with your own Clover POS system today ! With EBT Applications Service your search for your POS system is over. Call us today! (855) 378 9991 or send an e-mail to: info@elitebankcardsolutions.com
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Retailers who can accept EBT SNAP (also known as the State Food Stamps Program) can increase their customer base with the ability to accept EBT SNAP Cards. Tremendous growth payment method that accounts for more than 80% of food sources for government issued benefits in many states.


Unlike the SNAP (food stamp) portion of EBT, no certification is required by the government. The cash benefit portion may be used to purchase any item at a participating retailer store, as well as to obtain cash-back or make a cash withdrawal from an ATM Machine. Surcharges are allowed just like a debit transaction.



EBT cards work exactly like a debit card. The merchant will swipe the card through their normal credit card terminal and the consumer will type in their PIN. Once the transaction is approved it is treated exactly like a debit card and the amount will be credited to the retailers’ bank account the same way. Retailers must purchase their own EBT SNAP equipment. At EBT Applications Service we offer the EMV EBT SNAP Machine FREE to the merchants. Call Today to participate in our FREE EBT SNAP Program. (885) 378 9991

EMV Ready Credit Card Processing Equipment

Customized Merchant Services
EBT Applications Service offers the most innovative EMV ready credit card EBT/SNAP processing machines in the industry today.
When you process transactions with EBT Applications Service, you receive the highest level of service and security from a credit card processing company that knows the payment industry inside and out. From e-commerce payment gateways to retail and restaurant solutions, EBT Applications Service offers low cost-effective merchant credit card processing services that are fast, secure and easy to integrate.
Maybe you need help getting your small business up and running smoothly? Or you find yourself shopping for a new processing company with lower rates and better security? Our extensive experience and expertise will help you get the lowest rates, so that you can save money while safely accepting all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT SNAP and improving your overall business. All EBT Applications Service payment solutions are EMV ready and PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring each transaction is safe and secure.

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Since October 1, 2015 EMV Chip and Pin Compliance became mandatory. It is important that every merchant complies with the switch to be in compliance with the EMV change.  The merchant that doesn’t meet the deadline will in result pay any fraudulent transactions or claims that are due because of the new LIABILITY SHIFT.


EBT Applications Service is here to help you meet the EMV deadline with your EMV new equipment to accept the EMV chip in your business. Learn how to get ready today! Call Now for your FREE EQUIPMENT.