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EBT Application Services offers the most innovative EBT SNAP, EMV Credit Card, Debt, ApplePay, Android Pay and Google Wallet processing machines in the industry.

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The Security You Need

Are You Ready? Find out why the shift to EMV is important for your business

As of October 1, 2015, the credit card networks will impose a liability shift.

very merchant in the United States will now be liable for counterfeit credit cards if they are not using an EMV capable point of sale device. This means that every merchant in the United States needs to upgrade their equipment or accept this large, new liability.

What does this mean for you?

If you complete an in-person sale after October 1, 2015, using the magnetic strip of an EMV compliant credit card, and that card turns out to be counterfeit, then you will now be liable for a chargeback for the full amount of that transaction. This is new. In the past, you were never liable for any counterfeit credit/debit card transactions.

EMV cards have both an embedded computer chip on the front and a magnetic strip reader on the back.

EMV compliant transactions are completed by inserting the credit card into the slot in the front of the point of sale terminal. It reads the computer chip on the front of the card rather than the magnetic strip.


The Technology You Want

  • NFC Enabled – Accept Apple/PayGoogle Wallet/Samsung Pay. Don’t lose out on any sales. Make sure you can accept and process payments any way your customers want to pay – including smartphones and watches.

  • EMV Capability – Protect yourself from new chargeback liability by processing EMV “chip” cards, instead of using the magnetic strip reader.

  • Free Terminal Placement – You don’t have to sign a new lease agreement, or pay up to $700. We’ve got you covered – with our FREE terminal placement program. You will receive a new, EMV, NFC capable terminal for FREE. with low processing fees.

  • Guaranteed Lower Rates & Fees with No Term Contract  We plan to earn your business every day.

  • US-Based Customer Support – 24/7/365

EMV Chip Card Technology

EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) represents a more secure future to accept credit card payments for all merchants and will reduce the risk of counterfeiting and card fraud. However, EMV chip cards are new to the United States and carry lots of benefits to this technology which is too important to overlook. The Credit Cards are designed with an integrated chip in the card payment which read the chip instead of the magnetic stripe. As of October 2015, you and your processing company will be liable for any counterfeit smart card transactions and is known as the liability shift. Elite will do a replacement of your non-compliant terminal with a new EMV ready credit card machine. Using the new EMV terminal will protect fraud in two ways, first, the chip is more difficult to counterfeit and second the way the data is transmitted is different each time the chip card is being used.


EBT Credit Card Processing - A Revolution in Seamless Transactions

Navigating the complex world of digital transactions, the importance of EBT credit card processing emerges clearly as a vital component for modern businesses. With consumers leaning more towards electronic methods of payment, integrating EBT credit card processing into your business strategy can be a game changer.

Enhancing Transaction Experiences with EBT Credit Card Processing

Universal Acceptance: This system is not limited to EBT transactions alone. It can effortlessly process payments from various credit card providers, ensuring your business doesn’t miss out on potential sales.

Enhanced Security: With advancements in payment technology, EBT credit card processing systems prioritize security, giving merchants and customers peace of mind.

Efficiency Personified: Speed up your transaction process, ensuring that queues move faster and customers enjoy a hassle-free payment experience.

Features Setting EBT Credit Card Processing Apart

Smart Technology Integration: EBT credit card processing is compatible with NFC, facilitating payments via smartphones, watches, and other NFC-enabled devices.

User-Friendly Interface: The processing machines are designed to be intuitive, ensuring that both customers and merchants have a smooth transaction experience.

Commitment to Quality: We promise to provide businesses with top-notch EBT credit card processing machines that are not just functional but also align with industry standards and trends.

Why Partner with EBT Application Services?

Robust Security Protocols: We prioritize the security of every transaction, ensuring that both merchants and customers can trust our systems.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We are at the forefront of introducing the latest EBT credit card processing technology, ensuring our partners always have an edge in the market.

Reliable Support: Our US-based customer support, available around the clock, ensures that any queries or issues are addressed promptly.

The world of transactions is swiftly evolving, and businesses need to adapt to these changes to stay relevant. EBT credit card processing, with its multitude of advantages, stands as a crucial tool for businesses aiming to make a mark in today’s competitive market. With EBT Application Services by your side, you are assured of the best in technology and service.

Benefits You Can Get from EBT Processing

Benefits You Can Get from EBT Processing

Once you implement EBT processing in your store, it’ll benefit you in various ways. Here are a few key benefits:

Expanded Customer Base: When you accept EBT payments, it opens doors to a wide range of customers who rely on programs like SNAP. This means you will have more sales and diverse clients. 

Increased Revenue: EBT recipients often have specific needs and may spend more per transaction. EBT processing allows you to use this additional source of revenue.

Community Goodwill: By offering EBT processing, you demonstrate a commitment to serving all community members, fostering a positive reputation and customer loyalty.

Ready to experience the advantages of EBT processing? Contact EBT Applications Services Today!

How You Can Improve Your Efficiency with EBT Processing

Here’s how you can reduce errors and improve your store’s efficiency with EBT processing:

Automated Processes: Integrated EBT processing systems automate balance checks and payment processing, reducing the time and labor involved in manual transactions.

Reduced Risk of Fraud: EBT processing incorporates security measures to verify transactions and protect both you and your customers from fraudulent activities.

Simplified Reconciliation: EBT transactions are seamlessly integrated with sales data, facilitating easy accounting and reconciliation.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce human error. Contact EBT Applications Services for industry-leading EBT processing solutions.

How You Can Improve Your Efficiency with EBT Processing

What If you have more questions?

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